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Gas Production Rising Slowly
The EIA raised its estimate for U.S. natural gas production growth in 2014 to 5.3%. Production is rising twice as fast as demand. Continue reading
Crude Prices Headed to a Breakout
Crude oil closed at $97.35 on Friday and a right at a six-month low. Is this a buying opportunity? Continue reading
$700 Million Well
If oil is as plentiful as many writers would have you believe then why is Exxon spending $700 million on one well? Continue reading
The Imminent Peak in US Oil
While everyone is claiming the U.S. will be energy independent by the end of the decade the geologic facts remain opposed to that claim. Continue reading
Active Oil Rigs Hit Record High
Baker Hughes said oil drilling outside the country's biggest oil fields helped push the rig count to a record high. Continue reading
Mexico Monopoly Ends after 76 Years
The Mexican Senate voted 90-27 to end the Pemex monopoly and open Mexican oil reserves to development by foreign companies. This will open Mexico up to receive $1 trillion in investment dollars as foreign companies flood in to explore and develop Mexican oil deposits. Continue reading
Ukraine Fights Back
Ukraine is threatening to halt shipments of Russian oil and gas across Ukrainian territory. Continue reading
Petrobras Profits Miss Estimates
Petroleo Brasileiro SA (PBR) is the biggest deepwater oil producer but it could not meet analyst estimates on earnings. Continue reading
Technical Problems
The energy news section is unavailable today due to technical problems. We apologize for this inconvenience. Continue reading
Depletion Depression
Energy stocks fell last week for a multitude of reasons but a big one was falling production at the majors. Depletion is outpacing new production. Continue reading
Imports Not Immigrants
Oil imports from Mexico are declining as production falls to a 24 year low. Continue reading
Mexico's Oil Production Shrinking Fast
Mexico's state-run monopoly on oil, Petroleos Mexicanos (a.k.a. Pemex), recently announced that production has fallen to the lowest pace in 24 years. Continue reading
Is Iraq's Stolen Oil Headed For Houston?
The Kurds of Northern Iraq could be one step closer to independence and the U.S. might be supporting it. Officially the U.S. government supports a unified Iraq but if the Kurds find willing and steady buyers for its oil it will ease the way for their independence. Continue reading
U.S. Exports To Europe Surge
Oil production in the U.S. is the highest it has been in decades. This surge in domestic oil has been a blessing for U.S. refiners. Continue reading
Almost 7 out of 10 Support More Offshore Drilling
A new survey polled 1,000 voters on offshore drilling in U.S. waters. Results showed that 68 percent are in favor of support new drilling. Continue reading
Gasoline At 4-month Lows
The surge in U.S. oil production has lifted output to levels not seen since 1986. Elevated levels of supply are helping drivers at the pump. Continue reading
No Slowdown In Iran Exports
Failure to come to any significant agreement over Iran's nuclear program last week did not result in any penalties for Iran's oil exports. Continue reading
Green is Good, Sometimes
Governments around the world are turning green with everyone passing more laws to try and force a reduction in green house gases. Unfortunately some of them have unintended consequences. Continue reading
One Step Closer To Atlantic Drilling
Current estimates suggest there are 4.7 billion barrels of recoverable oil under the Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of the United States. Continue reading
Baker Hughes Bullish On Oil Services
BHI is the world's third-largest oilfield services company with products and services ranging from hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells to seismic surveys. Continue reading