Three Strikes and You Are Out

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Daniel Yergin's predictions fail time after time but the mainstream media continue to hail him as the king of predictions. If you say something long enough and loud enough the world may eventually believe it to be true even when it isn't.

I wrote a rebuttal to Daniel Yergin's recent WSJ article dismissing Peak Oil back on Sept 18th entitled the Great Debate. Original Article Here

This week Jeffrey Brown, no relation, penned another scathing expose of the numerous times Yergin has predicted a veritable ocean of oil and unfortunately it never came to pass. How anybody can be so wrong for so long and still have any credibility is amazing.

Rather than reprint Jeffrey's article with charts I am going to link to it instead. It is worth the read!

Three Strikes and You Are Out?

Jan Lars Mueller is the Executive Director for the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Mueller also penned a commentary on the errors in Yergin's tirade.

Yergin is Half Right about Oil, But Other Half is What Matters

Jim Brown

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