Petrobras Targeted By Hacker Group

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Petrobras, Brazil's state-run oil company, was the target of an attack of the Brazilian faction of the now infamous LulzSec computer hacking group. LulzSecBrazil's Twitter page published the Petrobras server URL, complete with access and password code, Forbes reported.

LulzSec removed the details from Twitter around dinner time in Brazil on Saturday. Petrobras (PBR) denied the attack and said no data was culled from the penetration of its servers, which allegedly took place last week. The company added that no private data on its employees was obtained by LulzSec.

LulzSec hacked Brazilian government websites early Wednesday morning, just after midnight, in what was the largest attack on Brazilian government servers on record, according to Forbes. The hacking group made it appear as though two billion people were trying to log into various Brazilian government Web sites at the same time.

Over the last four days, LulzSec hackers attacked servers for the Brazilian president's website, the government information website Portal, the internal revenue service, the Brazilian Geographic and Statistics Institute, IBGE, the Culture Ministry, Sports Ministry, and the servers of Congress, according to Forbes.