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Peak Oil Facts

Peak Oil - The term Peak Oil is very over used and misunderstood. Peak oil does not mean the end of oil production. Peak Oil, A Brief Description

Saudi Arabia - The largest oil producer on the planet is also the most secretive about their production and reserves. Saudi Arabia, Smoke and Mirrors

China - Much is said about China's growing oil demand with consumption in China up +250% over the last four years. China, A Bear on the Prowl

Oil Production - It is very tough to get accurate numbers on global oil production since OPEC chooses not to release any data. Global Oil Production

Oil Demand - Global oil demand is a very hard number to pin down but it is safe to say that demand will exceed supply very soon. Global Oil Demand

Bakken Shale - What about the trillions of barrels in the Bakken Shale in North Dakota? Bakken Shale

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